API-powered file conversion to MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server, all for $0.

We’re excited to announce that from today, customers on the SQLizer free plan will have access to the SQLizer API.

Previously only available on our paid plans, the SQLizer API allows programmatic access to our file conversion engine, with its intelligent format detection algorithms.

SQLizer converts ‘flat’ data files (like CSV, Excel, or JSON) into database insert statements in SQL, ready to run, importing data into your preferred database.

Intelligent format detection

Database columns need to know which type of data they hold - but many data files don’t state which type of data they contain. This makes importing data difficult because you need to work out which columns are in which formats. SQLizer works this out intelligently, and automatically.

To get started with the SQLizer API

  1. Visit SQLizer Signup and create a new account, you can select the free plan to process fewer than 5,000 rows of data
  2. Visit your SQLizer account and copy your API key
  3. Visit the SQLizer API documentation for instructions on making your first request to the API

We hope you enjoy working with the SQLizer API.

.NET framework fans! If you work with .NET, then check out the SQLizer .NET Client on Github.

See also: The NuGet package page for the SQLizer .NET Client.

🖤 The SQLizer Team