SQLizer v3.0.5 has been released and here’s the headlines:

Custom delimiters!

We’ve moved tab delimiters into the new csv/tsv category, so you’ll now have the option to pick from there:

sqlizer csv selection

This is to allow the new selection of custom where you can pick your own delimiter character to separate fields in your CSV. Pipe, colon, whatever weird character your data-author decided to use, we support it!

sqlizer custom delimiter selection

Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

We fixed a pesky bug where cell range auto-detection failed on some Excel 95 .xls files - no more! Maybe time to convince the boss to buy you a newer version of Excel?

We’ve overhauled our help & API documentation pages, adding more detail, syntax highlighting, and tab-switching between different database versions.


🖤 The SQLizer Team

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