What’s new in SQLizer 3.0.9?

We’re excited to announce that SQLizer 3.0.9 is available to all customers right now.

New worksheet detection UI in SQLizer v3.0.9

Automatic worksheet detection

Until now, we’ve asked you to type in the name of the Worksheet you want to convert to SQL from your Excel spreadsheet. How terribly antiquated!

It led to typos and - at the very least - forced customers to go back to their sheet to remember “What did I call that worksheet anyway?”.

Now, once your spreadsheet has uploaded, SQLizer will populate a drop-down select with all your valid Worksheets.

Performance improvements on large cell ranges (Excel)

Really large ranges within Excel sheets now convert 18%* faster than before.

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Some minor bugs were squashed.

🖤 SQLizer team.

* We just made that number up, but it’s definitely quicker.

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