Here’s how to convert a JSON file into a SQL database table insert statement, for free, using SQLizer:

  1. Visit SQLizer Website: Go to the SQLizer website.

  2. Upload JSON File: Click on the “Browse” button to upload your JSON file. Navigate to the location where your JSON file is stored on your computer and select it.

  3. Select Output Format: Choose “SQL” as the output format. SQLizer allows you to convert various file formats to SQL, MS SQL, and Postgresql syntax.

  4. Start Conversion: Once you have uploaded the JSON file and selected your options click on the “Convert” button. SQLizer will process your JSON data and convert it into SQL format.

  5. Download SQL File: After the conversion is complete, SQLizer will provide a download link for your SQL file. Click on the link to download the converted SQL file to your computer. Remember to review your SQL file after conversion to ensure that the data has been accurately transformed from JSON format to a SQL table.

It’s that easy…

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