SQLizer Product Update March 2017

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve made a few UI changes to SQLizer in the past month or so. These changes should improve the overall conversion experience and make the app even easier to use.

But SQLizer hasn’t just had a minor facelift - we’ve rolled out some under-the-hood changes too!

What’s new

  • Improved large file support:
    • uploads are chopped up into chunks and uploaded one piece at a time
    • each chunk will be retried if it fails initially
    • we show you an “Uploading” status with a progress bar showing how far through the upload you are
    • all this means it’s much easier to get your really big file uploaded if you’re on a poor connection.
  • Improved unicode support throughout. E.g. we now support unicode characters (including emoji) in spreadsheet tab names.

  • Performance improvements to Excel (Xlsx) files.

  • We now auto-update the file type dropdown when you select a file.

  • We’ve deployed “encryption at rest” to all files stored on users behalf.

  • We’ve made a number of security improvements. E.g. protecting non-paying users’ files behind a stronger (harder to guess) URL.

  • General performance improvements (uploads and results files are all stored in California, where the app runs, not Dublin).

What’s fixed

  • Fixed a bug where using the browser’s back button to get back to the upload form would cause issues.

  • Fixed issues with changing email address.

Future developments

We’ll be adding additional functionality (including an API), tweaking the UI, and generally improving SQLizer over the coming months - so look out for more updates.

If you’ve got any suggestions that can help us improve SQLizer then please get in touch! Tweet us @SQLizerio or send over an email.

-The SQLizer team