SQLizer 3.0.10 has been released and here’s what’s new:

User interface update

We’ve tweaked the upload interface slightly, hiding less well-used items away in an expandable sub-section. They’re still there, but not everyone uses them - so this will make the view less cluttered for everyone.

Change your conversion settings without having to re-upload

We all make mistakes - but if you change your mind about a conversion parameter we now have a handy “Change settings” button on the conversion results view which lets you go back and adjust with one click.

Performance improvements to XML and JSON processing

As always, we’re always optimizing performance and this month we’ve tweaked XML and JSON processing (hierarchical formats) to better parse and examine them, resulting in faster conversions for you.

We hope you enjoy this latest release of SQLizer.io.

🖤 SQLizer team.

About: SQLizer converts for free - less than 5,000 rows of data for personal use - however if you have a >5000 row CSV file you need to convert, use code CONVERTME10 for 10% off your Pro Monthly plan for the first 12 months, or a one-off 10% discount on your Pro Annual plan.