It’s that time of year again - the Stack Overflow developer survey brings news of the most highly regarded languages, databases and frameworks out there - along with salaries and more.

No surprise for us SQL fans that MySQL, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL occupy the top 3 slots for ‘Most Popular’ databases. Lucky for us, we support them all at SQLizer.

Interesting that PostgreSQL has taken the second place this year, nudging just ahead of Microsoft SQL Server by a nose.

Redis secures the ‘most loved’ database accolade, but the most loved RDBMS is PostgreSQL.

The ‘most dreaded’ database goes to Couchbase, with Oracle a close second.

On average, a ‘Database Administrator’ earns a $54,000 salary - that’s globally-adjusted. In the US, it’s closer to $105k.

The full developer survey results are here.