We’re excited to announce the launch of a new updated version of SQLizer, available to all customers immediately.

Better performance

We’ve rewritten some of our core conversion code, and made conversions of most file types about 10% faster than before. Get your structured data into a SQL insert statement just a little bit quicker.

New conversion pipeline

The biggest change is that we’ve switched to a massively-parallel processing model with lots of small ‘worker’ engines. We can spin up as many as we need, and process many, many more files in parallel.

For you this means quicker conversions, and less waiting around for other customers’ files to finish conversion.

Safer filesize limits

We’ve found that SQLizer does accept some impossibly-large files which overwhelm our servers and cause timeouts and crashes. We’ve implemented a limit of 100MB on JSON and Excel file types to prevent this. If this is a problem we’d suggest exporting to CSV instead, as these files don’t have this limit.

We hope you’ll enjoy the improvements to SQLizer and to celebrate you can use the voucher code:


Valid for 10% off your Pro Monthly plan for the first 12 months, or a one-off 10% discount on your Pro Annual plan.

Both Pro Monthly and Pro Annual plans come with SQLizer API access!

Convert a file to SQL now.

🖤 The SQLizer Team

UPDATE: API Access is now available on our FREE plans.