Use this library to convert CSV, JSON, Excel or XML files to SQL databases within your python projects.

It’s finally here! One of our most-requested features has landed - a python client library so you can harness the power of SQLizer inside your python projects.

All plans come with an API key (even free plans) so there’s no reason not to dive in and experiment.

Find the SQLizer python package here, and the package source code over here.

Getting Started

Install the library using pip, by typing at the command line:

pip install sqlizer-io-client

To use the converter, import the sqlizer module, then set your API Key value. You can find your API keys on your Account Page. Create a sqlizer.File object passing in the conversion parameters. Call convert(), then zdownload_result_file()`. For example:

import sqlizer

sqlizer.config.API_KEY = 'your-api-key'

with open('example.xlsx', mode='rb') as file_content:
    converter = sqlizer.File(file_content, sqlizer.DatabaseType.MySQL, sqlizer.FileType.XLSX, 'example.xlsx', 'my_table')

The library is available now, enjoy!

You might also be interested in our .net SDK for SQLizer if you’re more of a .NET person than a Python person. 🐍

🖤 The SQLizer Team

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